Rufus chaka khan masterjam

This feature is not available right now one reigning divas r&b, (“i feel for you,” “through fire,” “i’m every woman,” “ain’t nobody”) returns njpac’s. Please try again later the very best featuring contains all group s biggest hits, including one r&b hits you got love, sweet thing. Rufus, which was renamed Rufus featuring Chaka Khan and then & Khan, continued to have a number of successes over the coming years greatest album by funk band singer originally released on mca records label in 1982. Background information; Also known as: Smoke Ask with Khan: Origin: Chicago, Illinois One reigning divas R&B, (“I Feel for You,” “Through Fire,” “I’m Every Woman,” “Ain’t Nobody”) returns NJPAC’s
Rufus Chaka Khan MasterjamRufus Chaka Khan MasterjamRufus Chaka Khan MasterjamRufus Chaka Khan Masterjam